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Kase Equipment has designed the world's leading pail printers for plastics. Our custom designed dry-offset machinery can be built for round, oval, square, or rectangular pails and is available in 4, 6, and 8 color designs. Kase dry-offset printers can produce speeds up to 30 pails per minute! The output of your machine is dependent on the size and shape of your container. The K-402 (4 color pail printer), K-6000 (6 color pail printer), and K-8000 (8 color pail printer) reproduce line, halftone, or full color process printing at the highest production rates. Each machine is built for fast setup and quick, easy change overs. Some of the standard features that keep downtime to a minimum include: simple knob adjustments for feeder diameter, restacker diameter, and container height; no container, no print; ample access to plate cylinders and blanket cylinder; production rate monitor; and self-diagnostic alpha numeric display for automatic trouble shooting.

Looking for an alternative to dry-offset printing? The KHTPL (Kase Heat Transfer Pail Labeler) is the only heat transfer pail labeler on the market that can label a pail with full 360 degree rotation with extraordinary quality. With a very compact design space should not be an issue alongside speed with up to 16 pails per minute. Various pail sizes ranging from 1-7 gallons are available with extremely quick changing speeds. Click here for a KHTPL video.

All printers have CNC capabilities. This user friendly, electronic motion control system is interfaced with the main PLC allowing the plate cylinder, ink, and print tower adjustments to be controlled via touch screen. Once a job is set up and running, a job number/name is recorded. To rerun the job, recall the assigned job number/name, and the printer will adjust to the job specifications desired. Adding the CNC feature to your machine will keep downtime to a minimum.
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